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Excellent source of tattoo designs with a focus on astrological signs

Free Tattoo Designs

Choose from the styles below to view and access free tattoo designs. The artwork available for consideration at Destination Tattoo has either been provided by tattoo artists or obtained from images in the public domain.

Original designs by tattoo artists

Skull with roses tattoo design
An original tattoo design with lots of color and detail.

Frankenstein tattoo design
Create your own tattoo monster with this very "life-like" Frankenstein tattoo design from a highly experienced artist.

Skull, roses, hearts, bird and shamrock tattoo designs
Choose from a collection of original images provided by an aspiring tattoo artist.

Dragon tattoo designs

Yin yang dragons tattoo design
For people interested in a dragon tattoo, this combination yin yang design with dragons is a good pick.

Wyvern dragon tattoo design
A tattoo design for brave hearts. This wyvern dragon serpent has great detail and would make a spirited tattoo.

Eastern dragon red tattoo design
A Chinese dragon tattoo design shown in red that is alive with energy and shows off the classic traits of eastern-style dragons.

Eastern dragon blue tattoo design
A Chinese dragon tattoo design with blue scales and open claws. It is not a mean dragon but does not quite look friendly either.

Celtic tattoo designs

Celtic dog tattoo design
Run with the hounds and capture the thrill of a successful hunt. Satisfy your need to connect with your deeply powerful instincts with a dog design taken from ancient Celtic art.

Celtic circle tattoo design
Lovers of Celtic art need to look at this design. Its complexity will guide your thoughts into swirling bliss.

Celtic cross tattoo design
A compelling Celtic bird design fills this cross that offers a subtle celebration of Christian identity while honoring traditions from a more ancient realm.

Celtic sun wheel tattoo design
A wheel of time design with Celtic flair for people seeking tattoos that summon the symmetry and style of the ancient Celts.

Celtic triskele tattoo design
This three-point Celtic triskele tattoo design illustrates humankind's ancient fascination with the number three. Theories about the meaning of triskele designs suggest the stages of pregnancy, the Holy Trinity, Maid, Mother, and Crone, and others.

Double Celtic triskele tattoo design
Superb style jumps out from this double triskele circle. The opposing swirls of the double triskeles create an effect of constant motion and unanswered questions.

Celtic shield knot tattoo design
A four-section design, the shield knot is most often associated with the Celts although its origins are believed to be in an earlier time. A symbol of protection and warding, the shield knot appeals to many cultures.

Green man tattoo design
The face in the leaves or in the tree, the Green man represents the male force in Nature.

Celtic style Angel with harp tattoo design
Christian, Nature lover, enthusiast for Celtic art -- You don't have to choose with this amazing tattoo design that blends Christian inspirations with Celtic style.

Alice in Wonderland tattoo designs

Hookah smoking caterpillar tattoo design
Alice meets a caterpillar sitting on a mushroom smoking a hookah. Become enchanted with this vintage image from a 1916 edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Cheshire cat tattoo design
Capture the mystery and freedom of the Cheshire cat from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland with this charming image of the magical cat.

Asian tattoo designs

Mythical lion tattoo design
This beautiful lion once graced a temple in ancient Laos. Its Southeast Asian style offers tattoo lovers a delicate beast to watch over them.

Korean style Buddha tattoo design
This image of the seated Buddha in meditation taken from an ancient Korean statue offers a simple tattoo design with clean lines and permanent tranquility.

Plant and Flower tattoos

Daisy flower tattoo design
Let a seed on the wind plant a little daisy flower on the meadow of your body.

Hibiscus flower tattoo design
For the person who sees beauty bloom with every sunrise.

Marijuana pot leaf tattoo design
For those looking to make tattoo statements about Nature's remedy for many unpleasant maladies.

Ancient Egyptian tattoos

Egyptian falcon tattoo design
Taken from the famous "Book of the Dead" this image of an ancient Egyptian falcon offers a sharp-eyed look that is both beautiful and powerful.


Barack Obama tattoo design
Through yourself into history and mark the election of Barack Obama with a tattoo of his portrait on your skin.

Caterpillar tattoo design
A charming black line art free tattoo design of a caterpillar munching on a leaf. A caterpillar could represent growth and transformation.

Butterfly tattoo design
A side view of a butterfly depicted in simple black lines. A tattoo of a butterfly expresses freedom and a light touch.

Blue butterfly tattoo design
A colorful butterfly free tattoo design that shows subtle transitions between various shades of blue. This delicate design offers tranquility and beauty.

Ivy vine band tattoo design
Flirty, fun, and subtle enough to remain classic, this band of ivy would look good as an arm band or back tattoo.

Fruit vine band tattoo design
Lovely vine design with an organic and balanced flow. Honor the fertility of Nature with this arm band or back tattoo design.

Rearing horse tattoo design
A flowing mane and tail animate this powerful steed that would make a great tattoo for any horse lover.

Spider tattoo design
Let one of Nature's most perfect creations crawl on your skin.

Owl tattoo design
Fly through the night on silent wings. The perfect tattoo for people who love late nights.

Pan God with harp tattoo design
You hear the songs of the ancient Gods. Let the magical music of Pan sink into your skin.

Magic Genie lamp tattoo design
Wishing for a new little tattoo? Command the Genie with this simple little design.

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