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Fixing a Tattoo – An Alternative to Tattoo Removal

People who have tattoos that they no longer like or were botched to begin with have two options. They can have the undesirable tattoo removed with a series of laser treatments, which is a costly and lengthy process, or they can have the tattoo fixed. A tattoo fix involves having a tattoo artist rework the tattoo by adding to it and covering it up with new skin art.

Covering up a tattoo is a good option for people when they either do not want to pay for costly tattoo removal or they are still interested in adorning themselves with tattoos. Tattoo artists frequently perform tattoo fixes, and the results are usually pleasing.

When do people need tattoo fixes?

The original tattoo was poorly done. Everybody makes mistakes, but when a tattoo artist makes a mistake it is permanently applied to someone's body.

The image of the tattoo no longer reflects the person's tastes and values. The classic example in this situation is the tattoo of a former lover or ex-spouse's name.

Gang-related tattoos are impeding a person's ability to join law-abiding society. Removing gang tattoos is an important step for people seeking to escape that lifestyle. When tattoo removal is unaffordable, a person with gang tattoos might choose to cover them with new skin art. However, the bodily location of some gang tattoos might still make them undesirable no matter what, which makes outright removal the only remaining option.

A person simply wants to replace an existing tattoo with a new image. Just like someone getting sick of wallpaper and replacing it, sometimes people grow tired of a tattoo and wish to update its look.

Depending on which of the above situations applies to a person, he or she might want to work with the original tattoo artist or find a new tattoo artist to perform the fix. A talented and caring tattoo artist will explore options for new skin art with the interested individual and then fix the tattoo.

In the example shown below, a poorly executed original tattoo is covered up with a new design.

Before: The lopsided softball produced a dissatisfying tattoo.

tattoo before the fix

Intermediate: The design of the new tattoo has been drawn over the old tattoo. The new tattoo will cover the old tattoo and thereby fix what was a bad tattoo.

tattoo in the process of fixing

Final: The new and better quality tattoo has covered the old tattoo. The original softball only faintly shows through and adds a subtle touch.

Final appearance of the fixed tattoo

Tattoo fixes and upgrades help people enjoy their tattoos again and in some situations remove negative meanings attached to certain types of tattoos. Depending on the size and style of a cover up tattoo, the artwork will cost roughly the same as the first tattoo or two to three times the original tattoo. This compares quite favorably to laser tattoo removal that can easily cost 10 times the price of the original tattoo.

People do not have to live with bad or unwanted tattoos. The tattoos can be covered up or fixed with new tattoos and become only a bad memory instead of a bad reality.  

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